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It costs 0.0555 ETH + gas to mint a Stranger. To limit gas & economize fees, you can mint up to 15 Strangers at once.

WARNING: Please be sure to select Ethereum Mainnet Network before minting!


There’s a remote & mysterious place on the Ethereum blockchain where, due to incredibly particular living conditions, only one race can survive and thrive. This place is known as the Funny Looking Desert. And its inhabitants are the Funny Looking Strangers.


What is Funny Looking Strangers (FLS)?

FLS is a collection of 10,555 programmatically and randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.
FLS have a huge variety of traits that could generate more than 200k unique combinations! The Strangers are funny-looking creatures made of Ethereum, which are formed as a result of a process called minting.
Just mint one for a Stranger to appear randomly in your wallet! How funny!

They will soon be available directly from our official website at a fixed price of 0.0555Ξ.

Why mint a Stranger?

The Strangers are a peaceful race that live in the Funny Looking Desert and are devoted to growing Ethereum in their own desert. Since they discovered a way to transport themselves into our reality, the Strangers immediately decided that their mission would be to generate Ethereum in the wallets of their owners while, at the same time, helping the environment of the new Planet they just discovered. You see, the Funny Looking Desert is a place where nature is too limited, which is why the Strangers appreciate our Planet so much!

To represent this important combination of altruism, the FLS project will guarantee the following benefit: 5% of the initial sales, added to as much as 75% of the royalties generated by the secondary market, forever, will go to compose a Community Wallet that will be used for the following two purposes:

A) 75% of the total Community Wallet will be used every 14 days for swiping the floor, but with a twist! Oh yes! You see, the Strangers generate Ethereum in the wallet of their owners by reversing the minting process and returning to their beloved desert. So, every Stranger purchased in this way will be burned forever! This process will be repeated until the total number of Strangers remaining on our Planet is 5,555. This number was chosen by these altruistic people to help us save our environment. (Obviously, the price conditions of the floor and the volume generated by the secondary market will be fundamental factors to determine the success of this process. Once the maximum number of burnable Strangers is reached, the entire amount inherent at this point will be completely donated to the next);

B) 25% (and then become 100%, read above) of the total Community Wallet will be used every 60 days to make one or more donations to associations related to environmental protection. These associations will be voted on by the owners of the Strangers, approved, contacted, and viewed publicly. The entire process will always be made public and viewable by all. In short, minting a Stranger is good for your wallet, but it’s also great for our Planet!

In short, minting a Stranger is good for your wallet but also for your Planet!

Where and When can I mint a Stranger?

You will be able to mint a Stranger during our next Mint Phase 2 coming soon, directly on our website, by connecting your MetaMask wallet to our site on the Ethereum Network.

Will the Strangers instantly reveal in my wallet after purchase?

Yes, they will! Please remember to allow time for the metadata to properly upload, though (important reminder - this process can take several hours in some cases).

Will this cause the metadata to be leaked?

Nope! In many previous drops that had an instant reveal, the metadata was visible to the eyes of experts and those who knew where to look. Not with FLS! Our main dev, Kiiri, is a step ahead and has developed a solution to prevent any metadata from leaking: for FLS, the succession of assignment of ID# will be random, therefore rarity sniping will be impossible!

What is the allocation of the NFTs?

The max and total supply of the Strangers will be 10,555. Of these, 10,300 will be mintable publicly and 255 will be reserved for promotions, giveaways, marketing, and present and future partnerships.

What are the Traits and Rarities of The Strangers?

The Strangers have different levels of rarity, but do not despair if what you have minted is not among the highest levels! The Strangers base their appeal on aesthetics, obviously! Hold, choose, or buy the Stranger you like the most - the rarity is in the eyes of the beholder!

Each Stranger has traits that make it unique and no two are the same. Imagine a magic blender that you can insert clothes, skin, eyes, mouths and hats into. Now turn it on and mix it up. Voila! You've created your own personal and unique Stranger.

The traits listed above are those that characterize and differentiate the Strangers. Obviously, among these traits are those that are rarer than others. To discover the various levels of rarity we will all have to wait until after the official launch to uncover the blender and discover the combinations it produced!

But be careful! 5 Strangers have infiltrated the collection, and they are not so unknown...

These are the 5 Kings of the Funny Looking Desert:
The Desert where the Strangers were born and raised is divided into five regions dominated by as many Kings. The Strangers are almost all peaceful and this division is more economical than anything else. But do not anger the Kings and remember to treat them with respect, as they remain the rarest and most important Strangers! We will make sure that these 5 precious Strangers are allocated in the 10,300 publicly minting.

Will I have commercial rights over my Stranger?

Yes! You’ll have full commercial rights over your Stranger as long as you hold it.



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